Grant of land in Underwood in 1335.

This document has been purchased through auction to preserve it for the history of the town.  It is likely that another purchaser would have kept it in a private collection and it would not have been seen in public again.

The intention of the Society, after showing it to the members at this year’s AGM,  is to put it on display in the Ashbourne Library for a month so that it can be seen by the residents of the town.  It will then be loaned to the Derbyshire County Record Office so that it can be kept in secure and environmentally correct conditions and be available for the public to consult.

Below you will find a transcription of the Latin with all the abbreviated words expanded, and also a loose translation into modern English. Some notes explaining how the customs and prctices of 1335 differer from to day can be found here.

Scianti presentes et futuri quod Ego Willemus fil Thomas fil Ricardi de Fennybentleye dedi concessi et hac presenti Carta
mea confirmavi Simon de D’Ooterdon de Ashburne et Agnes uxori sui duas acras et demidi acram terre
arabilis cum pertinentiis jacentes in UnderWode De quibus due acre terre jacente super Wymehull unde una acre jacet
inter terrem Johnis de Crakemershe ex una parte et terram Richardi fil Herbert ex parte altera et una acra jacet inter
teram Roberti de Assheburn ex una parte et terram predicti Johnanis de Crakemershe ex parte alter et demid acram
Jacet inter terram predicto Roberto ex un parte et terram quam henry de Segrave tenuit ex parte altera Dedi etiam et con
cessi predictas Simon et Agnes uxore sue quatuor buttas prati cum pertiniis jacente in eadem villa inter pratum Richard le Eyr ex
una part et Wymhull ex parte alter et terciam parte unius placie prati que vocatur Le linnelmedwe habendum et tenendum
omnia preditem tenementum cum omnibus pertinenciis suis quibuscumque pedictis Simon et Agneti uxore sue et heredibus et assignatis predicto Simonis
libere quiete in feodo et hereditate imperpetuum de capitalibus dominis feodi illius per servicia inde debita et de jures con
sueta Et ego vero predictus Willemus et heredes mei omnia predicti tenementem cum omnibus pertinentiis suis predictus Simon et Agnes uxore
Sui et heres et assignatis predicto Simon contra omnes gentes Warantizabimus imperpetuum. In cujus rei testamentum huic
presenti Carte sigillum meum apposui Hiis testibusRoberto de Underwode Henry de Mapleton de Ashbourne Robert
Le Iloneris de eadem Willemo le Baxter de eadem Willemo clerici et aliis Datum apud UnderWode die Jovis in festo Sancti Ed
mundi episcope Anno regni Regis Edwardi tertii post conquestum Nono

English Translation.
Let everyone, both living now and, in the future, know that I, William, son of Thomas son of Richard of Fenny Bentley, have given, conceded and, by this my present charter, I have confirmed to Simon D’Octerdon and Agnes his wife, two acres and a half of arable land with all its appurtenances lying in Underwood. Of which,
• two acres lie above Wyrnhill, where
o one acre lies between the land of John de Crakemarsh on one side and the land of Richard Fitzherbert on the other side,
o and one acre and one acre lies between the land of Robert de Ashbourne on one side and the land of the aforesaid John de Crakemarsh on the other side,
• and half an acre which lies between the land of the aforesaid Robert and the land which Henry de Segrave holds on the other side.
I have given and conceded to the aforesaid Simon and Agnes his wife
• four Butts (of land) of meadow with appurtenances lying in the same town between the meadow of Richard le Eyr on one side and Wyrnhill on the other side and
• a third part of a piece of meadow which is called the Iinnelmeadow To have all the aforesaid tenements with all their appurtenances whatsoever
• to the aforesaid Simon and Agnes his wife and
• to the heirs and assigns of the aforesaid Simon,
freely, quietly in fee and inheritance in perpetuity from his feudal chief Lord by customary service and law
And I truly the aforesaid William and my heirs guarantee forever all the aforesaid tenements with their appurtenances to the aforesaid Simon and Agnes, his wife, and the heirs and assigns of the aforesaid Simon against all persons.
In order to achieve this I attach my seal to this my present charter.
These are the witnesses: Robert de Underwood,
Henry de Mapleton of Ashbourne,
Robert the Iboneris of the same place (i.e. Ashbourne),
William the Baxter of the same place,
William cleric and others.
Dated Given at Underwood on the day of Jove in the feast of St Edmund the Bishop, in the year of the reign of King Edward III after the Conquest ninth.